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About the Holland Story Toolkit

Consistency drives a strong memorable brand. The Holland Story toolkit is designed for Dutch partners, intercontinental trade partners, embassies, consulates and all other stakeholders of the Holland Brand. Together we create a powerful, distinctive impression of Holland in the hearts and minds of our audiences. The Holland Branding describes the DNA of Holland, and the Holland Marketing Tools provide you practical instruments to communicate about Holland.

Holland Branding

Holland Branding is about telling a story that provides an insight into the place, and its views on the world.

  • The Holland Brand Guide explains what Holland stands for. It describes the core DNA, the Holland Brand Values and the look and feel of Holland. It is designed to be a springboard for the creativity of everyone involved in communicating the brand Holland. The Holland Story can be read below.
  • The Holland Brand Film visualizes the Holland Brand Values. The Holland Brand Film can be viewed below.

Holland Marketing Tools

The Holland Marketing Tools have been designed for you to use in your marketing communications.

How to use it?

All Holland Marketing Tools can be used for the promotion of Holland as a destination for business and leisure travel. The tools can be downloaded free of charge. By simply registrating your name, company and email you’ll have access to the Holland Marketing Tools. In case you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

The Story of Holland

Holland Brand Story

The open-minded people

Holland is characterized by an open mind that welcomes the unknown and approaches challenges in a creative way. Unafraid, Holland grabs opportunities with both hands and often veers left, where others would go right. An open mind leads to free thinking: Holland thinks only you can decide what's right for you. In fact, Holland's curtains are always open, simply because she has nothing to hide. Holland accepts and welcomes whoever you are and whatever you think. This makes Holland a melting pot of cultures, opinions, and views, all in a setting that is just as extraordinary and colourful. The core of Holland's brand DNA is therefore: the open-minded people.

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When you have an open mind you're open to others. Holland's informal and friendly attitude is welcoming: everyone can feel at home here, regardless their religion, background or sexual orientation. Holland invites you to be who you are - and makes it easy for you to do so. She speaks many languages and is easy and safe to travel through, even on a bike. Holland is easy going, wherever you come from and whatever you come for.

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Like anyone who lives life with an open mind, Holland keeps discovering and evolving, refusing to let the status quo stand in her way. Her small size and creative spirit drive Holland to always be on the lookout for new solutions, to constantly adapt to change, to be inventive. The saying 'necessity is the mother of invention' fits Holland like a glove, as shown by the country's innovative water management and wind energy systems, the Dutch masters and the modern creative industry.

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An open mind helps Holland to view obstacles as opportunities. Holland looks beyond her borders and learns from others, because she understands that seeing the bigger picture works to everyone's advantage. Holland was already undertaking business with unknown overseas countries as early as the 17th century. Driven by that same enterprising spirit, nowadays Holland still competes with bigger economies.

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An open mind is surprisingly diverse. Holland's capital houses more nationalities than any other city. The many shades of green in the Dutch landscape and gradations of blue in Holland's water and skies sharply contrast with the eye-catching multi-coloured tulip fieds. Holland is also surprising in character. Her directness and outspoken views make her a colourful person in a colourful environment. In Holland, you'll never experience a dull moment.

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Holland Brand Guide

The Holland Brand Guide explains what Holland stands for, the way she talks and what she looks like. It is written and designed to be a springboard for the creativity of everyone involved in communicating the brand Holland.

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